UPDATE: Gambit confirms ESL One Mumbai Invite

UPDATE: ESL & Gambit both have denied the report of rejection. They have confirmed the attendance as well. Two days, two blows to the ESL One Mumbai 2019 event scheduled in April this year. After we reported about Natus Vincere denying their participation in the event, Gambit followed suite. According to a report by VPEsports, the denial was because of their hectic schedule. The reason for den...[Read More]

Anthem’s physical sales half Mass Effect Andromeda’s

Anthem topped the UK boxed game sales chart during its first week of release, but with half the physical sales of BioWare’s previous game Mass Effect Andromeda. Without digital sales through EA’s Origin service on PC, or download sales on PlayStation or Xbox, it’s difficult to draw exact comparisons. But from the comparisons we can make, Anthem’s sales do not paint a hugely...[Read More]

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ESL One Mumbai 2019

ESL partners with NODWIN Gaming to bring India's first ever major Dota 2 event, with ESL One Mumbai 2019. Eleven of the best teams from around the world will be joined by one local team to fight for a chance at the $300,000 USD prize pool. The event will be held at the NSCI Dome, from April 19 to 21, 2019

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Anthem is the new shared-world action RPG from EA’s BioWare. Despite issues with progression and a number of bugs, it’s a promising and innovative entry in the genre.

Anthem Anthem Review

Anthem is the first major online multiplayer game from studio BioWare, of Mass Effect and Dragon Age fame, a shooter that falls roughly in the vein of The Division and Destiny. Set in a sci-fi world overrun with alien monsters, you’ll play as a Freelancer, teaming up with other players and fighting to keep humanity safe in a Javelin armour suit. Smooth combat and movement BioWare is a studio best ...[Read More]

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Natus Vincere to skip ESL One Mumbai 2019

The move was confirmed on their official website.

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